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On our farm, you can buy many different products.

But meat products (actually, all products which sold by weight) have a nuance – The same piece of meat obtained from different animals may differ in weight, depending on the size of the animal. Therefore, we use the concept of range

For example, half a roast beef fillet without bones can weigh 3.5 or 4.5 kg, depending on the size of the animal.

When you buy it, you pay only a prepayment ( % from the price), and after the fact, when our specialist gets this piece of meat, he will tell you what its final weight is.

We will deduct the prepayment price from the final weight and you will pay only the balance.

So, let’s summarize the purchase procedure

  • you choose a product
  • then you choose an option (weight/thickness, etc.)
  • you choose the quantity of the product one or more
  • make an advance payment
  • you receive an email with information about
    • the list of items in the order
    • your prepayment
    • preliminary cost of all purchases (before weighing and clarification)
    • our contacts and address
    • date when you can receive (receive) your purchase

Then you come to our farm, we specify the final weight of all the products that you ordered, and you pay the rest of the amount and receive fresh natural products

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