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“We are a small, family-owned farm located in Cookstown, ON. We produce pastured, GMO/hormone free beef, pork, lamb, goat, rabbits, ducks, geese, turkey, and chicken, as well as eggs from free run, free range hens and ducks that are kept on various local farms.

Our animals are raised the old-fashioned way, in the environment they best live, the outdoors. Our farm is also a home to many beehives which are carefully collected from, to provide us with raw honey without any additives.”

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Our poultry is fed on an entirely natural diet, free of hormones, additives and by-products. Eggs are hand-picked daily, to ensure that there are plenty to satisfy our many loyal customers

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Company’s history

After running many successful restaurants across Toronto, Alexei decided to change trajectory. Selling off all his properties and moving to Cookstown to take charge of his dream. Raising meat and produce that met his standards. Our property was meticulously and painstakingly worked on to create the farmland you see today.

After years of quality control and learning the ins-and-outs of the meats and processing industry, we looked to expand and solidify our place as a natural farm with the best quality products. This marked the second year of our walk-in storefront.

2020 Provided us with the opportunity to expand our selection of products. Through our fine friends and connections we were able to provide our valuable clients with Dairy products, Seafood, and Australian Wagyu. We spent this year improving our animals’ living standards and simplifying the farm to table process for our customers.

This year we changed our trajectory. We listened to your words and took notice. We have rebranded as Farm Raised Products Market and transitioned into providing the best possible shopping experience for you! We have started to create a fully functioning and licensed walk-in market with open concept butchering. We are proud of our work and want to show it off.

Earlier this year, we opened our farm store market and our open concept butcher room. Now we offer a wider range of meat and poultry products as well as natural grocery creations such as hand-picked teas, certified organic beans as well as an assortment of milled/stone ground natural flours and more. Our new and improved website provides full accessibility to our products to be purchased online and picked up at our farm store.


Customers about our company

Ross Bartlett
Ross Bartlett
Good products. A little pricey
Alex Mukhortov
Alex Mukhortov
Best products and service in the neighborhood.
Valery Moskalenko
Valery Moskalenko
A lot of meat! Pirogie.
LuAnne LeGresley
LuAnne LeGresley
All their meats taste better than the grocery store
Mavi Zahid
Mavi Zahid
Very clean arranged and organized. The lady was amazing at cash register 🙏🏻
brianne gates
brianne gates
cheese bread 9$ per loaf and almost zero cheese in the bread... $16 for "butter tarts" that are 4$ at competing stores and tastes way better, get a grip you are robbers
Stephanie Ruth Grimbly
Stephanie Ruth Grimbly
You don’t know food until you’ve shopped here a few times. Come get dinner and get educated at the same time!
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